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There is a growing body of scholarship in political science and IR exploring the relationship between science/knowledge and governance/politics/policy-making. Knowledge and Governance provides a forum for networking, training and support of research in this area, covering such topics as: the role of ideas in policy-making, the political uses of science, expertise and knowledge, the social construction of policy problems and responses, monitoring and measurement of policy performance, the transnationalisation of knowledge networks, the politics and ethics of the ‘participatory turn’ and knowledge democratisation and studies of the tools, actors and organisations involved in the production and utilisation of knowledge in policymaking.


  • Coordination of an annual section at ECPR General Conference.
  • Email list and Twitter page enabling exchange of news, research jobs, calls for papers, requests for collaboration, etc.
  • Develop plans for an annual PhD workshop/summer school, providing an opportunity for graduate students to attend specialised talks and present and get feedback on work in progress (initially hosted in Edinburgh 2016, Geneva 2017). We will apply for own institutional funding to commission a short report on the market for, and possible formats for, such a workshop/summer school. On the basis of the findings, we will develop a proposal for co-funding from ECPR to host the event.

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If you would like to join the Knowledge and Governance Research Network, you will need to create a myECPR account at http://www.ecpr.eu. This only takes a few minutes, and you need not be from an ECPR member institution to do so. Then, click on the following link, and select “Join Standing Group”.


If you are from an ECPR member institution your membership to the SG is automatic. If you are from a non-member institution we will need to accept your application to join, so your membership status will be ‘pending’ until we accept you.

Welcome to the new ECPR Research Network on Knowledge and Governance! You will find all the information about our group on this website. Follow us on Twitter (@ecprKnoGov).

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